Our Mission

We believe in empowering you to take charge of your health. Unlike once-a-year screenings, our personalized solution enables you to conveniently and regulary track any changes overtime. We empower you with potentially life-saving data and actionable feedback

Our Solution

Coco bra and scanner
Our solution offers you a regular and convenient way to monitor your breast health. Our patented 3D ultrasound technology coupled with our powerful machine learning algorithm allows you to track any changes over time without any radiation at the convenience of your home. The ultrasound scanner gets attached to a wearable accessory; 2-3 mins a month is all that it takes for you to automatically scan your breasts.
Our intelligent software compares images month to month and gives real-time feedback. Our user-friendly app is the interface, where you can control the device, get reminders and share images with a radiologist. The iSono solution empowers you with personalized data to detect breast cancer early when it’s treatable so you can live a full and healthy life.


Coco ux v2 05 Comfortably wear the bra accessory.
Coco ux v2 06 Gently attach the scanner to the first ring on either breast.
Coco ux v2 07 Open iSono app, press “scan.”
Coco ux v2 08 The scan completes in about one minute.
Coco ux v2 09 Gently attach the scanner to the second ring on the other breast.
Coco ux v2 10 When the scan completes, the software will process the results and tag any changes.
Coco ux v2 11 Your physician receives the images, and sends you a feedback via the app.
Coco ux v2 13 Place your scanner on its charging base.
Coco ux v2 14 The scanner will be ready for your next use
Coco ux v2 17 The app will notify you to schedule your next scan in one month.