Our Mission

iSono Health is transforming breast cancer screening by combining automated ultrasound and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower women and physicians with accessible and personalized breast health monitoring.

Our Solution

Isono system
Our patented, compact ultrasound scanner captures 3D ultrasound images through automatic scanning of whole breast. The scanner communicates with a smart device and data is transferred to a secure cloud for storage and AI. Unlike other imaging modalities, iSono health system produces repeatable images independent of operator skill in 1 minute. Physicians can visualize whole breast volume and accurately localize and measure lesions in 3D, without any radiation or patient discomfort.
Our machine learning algorithm helps physicians identify abnormal masses in real time resulting in more accurate diagnosis. Because our system produces repeatable images, our machine learning algorithm can monitor changes over time based on patient’s own baseline for the right diagnosis at the right time.

ACCESSIBLE and PERSONAZLIED Breast Health Monitoring

Coco ux v2 05 Woman comfortably wears the bra positioning accessory.
Coco ux v2 06 Scanner gets attached to the ring on either breast.
Coco ux v2 08 The scan completes in about one minute.
Coco ux v2 10 Software analyzes the scan data and tags any findings.
Coco ux v2 11 Physician will review the images and report the results.